Monday, November 26, 2007

'Tis a gift to be simple

This used to be a long rambling blog entry in which I complained about the tendency of technical folks, to oversimplify complex problems, then add the complexity back in by using obscure terminology accessible only to the in-crowd.

The next entry, which in the topsy-turvy world of blogs is up ^^^ there, and which you've probably already read, quoted Stephen Dewherst who said it much more clearly and concisely.

So I rewrote this entry.

Hey if I can't change history in my own blog, where can I change it?


Anonymous said...

It's a *request* broker, not a *resource* broker. This makes a bit of sense since GIOP is defined in terms of request and replies.

lahosken said...

Maybe the "C" in CORBA really stands for "Complicated"?

Eric Burke said...

SOAP never was simple. It has always been overly verbose, thanks to its XML schema heritage along with all the redundancies. There's no reason why the XML had to be so god awful complex and non-human-readable, but it was designed that way.

Dale Wilson said...

Ok "Request" broker makes slightly more sense. It's still an awkward name.