Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Someday my Tardis is going to have been on backorder by now, but apparently some people have their's already.

I say this because I have a new netbook on order.

I was an early adopter on this one. It went on sale the 20th and I ordered that morning.

The original scheduled ship date was 1/27 (yesterday as I write this) but instead I got an email that said:


Due to a delay in fulfilling your order # xxxxx placed on 1/20/2009, it may miss the estimated ship date that was on your original order confirmation. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

However there are already five "customer reviews" of this computer out on the HP web site, so either these folks have their Tardis up and running or they are reviewing a computer that they haven't even seen yet.

For what it's worth: 3 of 5 (60%) customers recommend this product.

[Oh, alright, maybe they got advanced copies for review, or are basing their review on what they saw at CES, but I doubt it, and in either case that doesn't qualify as a "customer review" in my book.]